What is HexTrains?
HexTrains is a game that mixes the classic tower defense with the puzzle genre. You need to destroy trains and their cargo by controlling their direction of movement, while also building turrets that match the loaded cargo types.

What platforms is HexTrains running on?
Currently there is a version that runs on PCs under Windows, which is available on the Steam distribution platform. Additionally, there is a version designed for tablet computers that operate with Android, which is available on Google Play.

What languages does HexTrains support?
HexTrains currently supports english and german.

How many levels / maps does HexTrains contain?
The game offers you 58 levels / maps. Nearly all maps can be played multiple times with different configurations of trains and turrets. In total that are 139 unique versions!

I am stuck on a map. Is there any help available?
On our website you will find a Walkthroughs page which contains a walkthrough for each map which is made of multiple screenshots.

What do i need to keep in mind when using the online leaderboards?
Between the two online services Steam and Google Play, into which HexTrains is integrated, there are some differences. Among other things, this makes it possible for the PC version to have one leaderboard for each version of each map. On the other hand, the number of leaderboards on Google Play is limited, so that with Android there can only be one leaderboard for all versions of a map. Hence in that case the single scores of each played version of a map are added together and the sum is used in the corresponding leaderboard.

What technologies were used during the development of HexTrains?
HexTrains was developed with Unreal Engine 4 and is completely written in C++. For the creation of 3D models the free software Blender was used. All graphics / icons were created with GIMP and InkScape, which are also freely available. For the processing of over 1000 screenshots, the free software package ImageMagick was utilised.

How long did the development of HexTrains take?
The development of HexTrains took nearly 2 years. Many technical problems in conjunction with the complex game engine (Unreal Engine 4) and also the large number of playable maps consumed most of the development time.

How many persons were involved in the development of HexTrains?
Exactly one person that loves computer games and always wanted to develop a game of his own.