This page will give you an overview of the game and it also offers a short introduction. The game itself contains a built-in tutorial which offers and explains some additional details.


In HexTrains you basically need to destroy trains before they reach their destination. If a train does reach its target location, it will inflict some damage to your health. The amount of damage depends on the number and size of the freight containers that the train has loaded. If your health reaches zero before you are able to destroy all trains you will lose the current round.
On many maps there is no target location which the trains have to reach, but there are usually multiple loops on which you will have to maneuver the trains. The challenge is to destroy the trains that are currently occupying the loops before there is no more space left for the following trains.

Switches & Jams

On most of the maps there are switches through which you can control the movement direction of the trains. You need to take special care that you do not cause any larger jams by using them. A stationary train will start a countdown, which will end in the self destruction of the train, if it does not start moving before the countdown expires. A train that gets destroyed this way will inflict some damage to your health.
A stationary train cannot be damaged, which is indicated by a different color of the containers. Additionally, damaged containers will repair their damage over time.


To destroy a train, you first need to destroy all colored containers that the train has loaded. For this purpose you need to build turrets that have the same color as the containers on the train. Turrets may not be built on tiles that are adjacent to tiles that already contain a turret.
If a train contains stacked containers, you will first need to destroy the containers on top before you can target the containers below. Among other things you will be awarded with credits for each container that you destroy, which you can in turn use to buy turrets or to upgrade existing turrets. Bigger turrets will inflict more damage on their targets, but they do fire a little bit slower.


The game is composed of multiple maps which all contain a unique arrangement of tracks. On the one hand there are linear maps, on which trains will move from a start to a target location. On the other hand there are maps on which trains will move in loops, which you can control by manipulating switches.
For most of the maps there exist multiple versions, which differ in the number and freight of the trains, and also in the types of available turrets. At the beginning of the game most of the maps are locked, these need to be unlocked by playing and winning the maps that are already unlocked.

Medals & Online-Achievements

Depending on how successful you finish a map, you are awarded with a certain type and number of medals. For example, if you manage to destroy all trains, you will be awarded three gold medals. The more trains get to the target location, the less valuable medals you are awarded. The smallest award is a single bronze medal.
For exceptionally good performances you are awarded with special medals. If you manage e.g. to finish all versions of a map with the best rating, you are decorated with an additional platinum medal for this map. There are special medals for winning all existing maps, too.
There also exists the possibility to be awarded with online achievements for your progress in the game.

Profile & Difficulty

Your progress in the game is saved locally in a profile. There you can also adjust the level of difficulty and modify it at any time later. Among other things, an easier level of difficulty will grant you a little bit more credits at the beginning of each round, the time to build turrets takes less time and trains will move at a lower speed. Bear in mind however, that an easier level of difficulty will decrease the attainable score and also the type and number of awarded medals.
The game allows you to create multiple local profiles, so that multiple persons may play the game offline on one device. Using online functions (achievements, leaderboards, statistics) is only possible for the user account that is currently logged in. The use of online functions can be (de)activated in the configurable options of the game.